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MIAC Acadametrics is an independent asset valuation service provider; specialising in behavioural modelling, stress testing and collateral valuation services. With our exceptional expertise and bespoke solutions, we can enhance your institution’s understanding of the value of key assets, and ultimately optimise your decision making capability.

Asset Valuation Asset Valuation Asset

Imagine gaining a deeper understanding of your assets to inform all your business decisions. Using a flexible, customisable cash flow engine and underlying model framework we provide you with price insight on all types of asset backed debt…

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Collateral Valuation Collateral Valuation Collateral

Residential Collateral Valuation services are ingrained in our DNA. Geographically granular and property type revaluations, coupled with a unique rental valuation model, provide valuable insight into collateral behaviour to meet all your needs…

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Stress Testing Stress Testing Stress

When our clients are up against continuously changing circumstances, they know they can draw upon our stress testing services to feel more confident and secure. Our expertise and specialist technology tests the strength and resilience of your assets…

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Risk Management Risk Management Risk

With our state of the art risk management tools, techniques and strategies, we ensure clients obtain awareness of all risks. Our bespoke consultation and software solutions help you to assess, manage and suitably control all risks unique to your institution…

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