Collateral Valuation

MIAC Acadametrics provides collateral valuation services to help you, our client, gain better insight into the relative risk and value of the properties in your portfolio.

Property Value

  • Residential Collateral Revaluation (HPI)
  • Risk-Based Revaluation

Rental Value

  • Landbay Rental Index, powered by MIAC
  • Rental AVM
  • MIAC e.surv Rental Assessment Tool

Our collateral valuation tools for residential and rental valuation have been developed working closely with our partners. Combined use of these tools can also provide yield insights into Buy to Let assets.

What does this mean for you?

These services are available to our clients as in-house or outsourced solutions. To find out more about any of these products contact us using the from at the bottom of the page.

Residential Collateral Revaluation

Assessed at county level for England, Wales and Scotland, with additional granularity in London where revaluation using London borough indices is available. Property type is also assessed to increase accuracy and avoid generalised output.

The additional granularity in terms of both geography and property type specificity provides insight that is not available with the freely available indices.

Risk-Based Revaluation

We can also provide risk-based revaluation solutions for residential portfolios – incorporating a risk driven set of policy rules to satisfy internal governance requirements whilst minimising the spend on collateral revaluation.

A property level output providing an updated estimation of the collateral value of each property in the residential secured lending book

  • Optimising the mix of AVM and M|A’s own proprietary revaluation tool based on risk factors for an optimal solution whilst minimising cost
  • Policy rules can be agreed by collaboration between the parties or driven by M|A

Landbay Rental Index, powered by MIAC*

Rental indices and time series of rental prices at the most granular level available in the market. Matching the County and London Borough geographies in our Residential Collateral Revaluation service, as well as including separate values for number of bedrooms, this product offers unrivalled insight for BTL portfolio management purposes.

Rental AVM

Here, our tools allow you to project anticipated rental income at the individual property level driven by detailed characteristics and observed comparables from the surrounding area.

Our Rental Automated Valuation Model (R-AVM) utilises a large database of actual rents received and rental asking price data. This results in a property-level valuation on over 95% of properties in a typical BTL portfolio.

To request a Rental AVM fact-sheet contact us here

MIAC e.surv Rental Assessment Tool

This online application provides a wide range of insight into property dynamics for individual postcodes and the surrounding area. It produces a Rental AVM that is fully aligned with our portfolio solution as well as summary statistics for both rental and collateral values in the area as well as data on underlying comparables.

Used in underwriting and/or in-house surveyors teams for valuation evidence or quality assurance.


* Rental index developed by MIAC using underlying data from Zoopla Property Group Ltd, © 2014

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